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The Smart Menu

Our Smart Menu is the best solution for the post-COVID19 era.

תפריט חכם ודיגיטלי לעסק - MENUAL
תפריט חכם ודיגיטלי לעסק - MENUAL

Doesn't require any mobile app download.

It can be shared easily via the used web browser.

100% sterile and does not require any human touch.

Personal use in the client's mobile phone.

Visually attractive, smart, and interactive, with various features.

Constantly upgrades with unique and amazing tools.

Monitored and updated live via our Menual Admin app.

Saves costs and time for the entire menus related operations.

The best product in the market with a proven pre-COVID19 usage.

Smart Menu Services
NEW! Ordering directly via The Smart Menu
Gather customers data

Orders history
Hours of operation
Payment via Mobile Phone while ordering
Managed easily via our Menual Admin app
Monthly service rates - without orders commissions!

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