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Our Story

The most dangerous phrase in the language is "We've always done it this way."
Menual was and still is developed to help restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and every other business that wishes to evolve.
We want you to have the option to take the step to the next level.
Become an organization.
Become profitable.
Become efficient.
Control your system.
Pay less. Get more.
Do not be afraid of changes.
If changes were not great, we would still be living in caves…

Home: App Features
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Features included?

Advanced interactive menu,
Suited for the limitations that will follow COVID-19
Doesn't require an application
Fully managed and monitored in real-time via our app
Including online ordering at your venue.


Does the smart menu require any specific adjustments?

No. Our system is simple and operates on the customer's mobile phones and does not affect the business's ongoing work.

The Smart Menu is the best solution for the after-corona, as it requires only your personal phone, keeps a sterile environment, and saves money and time on printing hundreds and thousands of one-time paper menus.

Is it possible to update details in real-time?

Yes. Our system can update everything in real-time without exception via a simple management app and management website (CRM).

How quickly can I set up my business?

It depends on the features required and the frontal instructions required. A fully functioning system setup will take 5-7 days to configure on our side (there could be changes in setup time related to new services).

What is the edge of the menual's growth limit?

We constantly work on future planning and developments for the system when the possibilities are undoubtedly limitless.

We believe that the world we live in is fast progressing on the technological level and want to take the field of service, efficiency, management, and order in business as far as we can, at the level of simplicity and technology,  we do not doubt that we have the tools and the ability to do this without obstacles.

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Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us for more details, schedule a meeting, coordinate a collaboration session, or just to ask a question...


1 (908) 884-3724

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